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Curved Primed Kitchen Doors - Coming Soon (

curved kitchen doors in primed white

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 Primed Kitchen Curved Doors

 Coming soon!

We have pleasure informing all of our customers of our new up-coming range of white primed kitchen curved doors.  It is just a matter of weeks now before we launch this new range to you all!

White primed kitchen doors make it very quick and easy for you to paint in your chosen colour or stain.  Generally, you only need one coat of quality paint.  The paint adheres to the primed MDF extremely well and forms a long lasting durable finish.

We may have mentioned it before but white paint makes rooms feel much brighter as the white reflects the light better than any colour, this is our top selling colour with our sister company, William Dixon Ltd, which has been in business since 2000.

Our doors are made from layers of MDF adhered together.  Here are some of the benefits of using MDF to make primed curved kitchen doors:

  • Painted or stained, both truly produce a fine smooth quality surface finish
  • MDF has no grain, so can be cut, drilled, machined and sanded without any surface damage
  • It is dense and flat and strong – ideal to make doors with
  • Flexible – ideal to make curved kitchen doors
  • Less expensive than using wood – so products are more affordable
  • For primed doors, a sealing primer is applied to prevent the finish coat from being absorbed, thus ensuring an even gloss or sheen

So, watch this space…

Many thanks for looking and buying from our store!

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